Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time schedule

To have everything in one place, I want to add the time schedule from the original project proposal to this blog as well:

before 05/21get detailed insights in relevant existing Sage classes and functions
until 05/31basic class structure and factory function
until 06/05resolve LLL ticket
until 06/09implement Fincke-Pohst
until 06/12basic lattice invariants
approx. one week of work for exams etc.
until 07/06compute Voronoi cell
until 07/13extensive testing of the core algorithms
until 07/20closest vector
until 07/27successive minima, special case for 2-dimensional lattices
1 week for optional further algorithms
at least 1 week for additional documentation, testing, and report

Of course, this is just a proposal and there will probably be deviations from this original plan. But at the very least, it's an ordered list of things that will be done during this project.

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