This is the blog accompanying the Google Summer of Code project Lattices for Sage, a free open-source mathematics software system.

Lattices arise in many different areas of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, cryptography, and coding theory, so it would be good to have important lattice algorithms implemented in one place in Sage and a framework to implement new algorithms. The goal of this project is to create a lattice class that includes various algorithms for problems such as finding a good base, finding shortest vectors, calculating lattice invariants, and calculating the Voronoi cell of a lattice.

Please feel free to comment on any posts if you have suggestions what should be done in this project or how it should be done.

Jan Pöschko (@poeschko) is the student working on this project and the main author of this blog. The primary mentor of this project is Daniel Krenn, while Daniel Smertnig acts as a "backup mentor".

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